About the ARTIST


For over 40 years, American impressionist painter Richard Wallich has been perfecting his unique technique. He uses dabs and swirls of paint to create a diverse range of brightly colored paintings. His most common subjects include landscapes, sports, and animals. Based in Colorado, Wallich is renowned for his use of vibrant and evocative colors. He goes beyond the traditional green and brown hues of nature to include shades of purple, blue, pink, and red.

Wallich’s artistic style is heavily influenced by the impressionist movement, which emphasizes the use of light and color to capture a moment in time. His paintings often have a dreamlike quality to them, as if frozen in a fleeting moment.

Acrylic Paintings

acrylic painting of Dali

This collection consists of various acrylic paintings that were created using a brush or a palette knife. Each painting in this collection is unique and showcases the Richard Wallich’s exceptional skill and creativity.

Oil Paintings

oil painting of a lilly pond

Each painting in this collection is a unique creation, reflecting the artist’s style, subject matter, and technical skills.